Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finally! Some Good News!

Finally, some good news!

The writing business can be a son of a bitch, but most of us know that. The thing is, we usually forget that part of our craft, until the moment we hit a wall in our story line, or the moment we get that dreaded rejection, or the absolute worst – when a sale falls through.

When any of those situations happen, it comes rushing back at us with ferocity. And then we tend to forget why we do what we do. The zing of getting the perfect word, the perfect paragraph. The headrush when we re-read a chapter or a paragraph and know without a doubt, that we have just created magic. Futility replaces the magic.

But we also know that writing is a trade-off. You can’t have one without the other – feelings of futility along with the sudden superhuman power to fly. They go hand in hand and for good reason – without one, we can never learn, never grow. We need them both.

Which brings me to the good news – Sam W. Anderson

Sam’s story, “If Mama Ain’t Happy,” will be appearing in The Anthology of Dark Wisdom and let me tell you, he’s certainly in great company! Names like Tom Piccirilli, John Shirley, Alan Dean Foster and Peter Straub. Certainly can’t beat that. Not to mention his collection, Postcards From Purgatory has been sold to Sideshow Press! Nice work, Sam!

Kurt Dinan and John Mantooth both got Honorable Mention in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of The Year, Volume 1. Kurt’s story was “Ashes of The Dead” Horror Library, Volume 3 and John Mantooth’s story “On the Mountain,” appeared in Shroud 4.

And while my novel is still in progress, there's a bet going on with my fellow writer's of Snutch, that I won't finish it until 2011. I'll be proving them wrong and collecting $50.00 bucks from each of them in the process.

Nice work Snutch!