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Here's what a few very great authors had to say about Tales From The Yellow Rose Diner And Fill Station:

What Our Patrons Have to Say

“These stories, spinning out from a simple question asked in a lonely diner, move from horrific to heartbreaking with such grace that it left me breathless. Tales from The Yellow Rose Diner and Fill Station is a stunning piece of work from an extremely talented group of young writers.”
John Rector, author of The Cold Kiss, The Grove, and Already Gone.

“Take warning: Tales from The Yellow Rose Diner and Fill Station isn’t what you’d call popcorn horror. No way, amigo. This roadside joint’s made of wood and glass, nailed up shadows and curtains of smoke, and the people inside it damn sure aren’t the kind you’ll find in the latest teen-scream feature. They’re the real scuffed-down American deal, and their stories cut both to the bone and the heart. In other words you’ll want to keep your eye on these folks as you belly up to the bar. And keep your eye on the writers who created them, too–Erik Williams, John Mantooth, Kim Despins, Sam W. Anderson, Petra Miller, and Kurt Dinan. They’ve done good work here, and if you’re thirsty for a double-shot of horror and noir you ought to grab this one. I’m glad I did.”
Norman Partridge, author of Dark Harvest

Tales from The Yellow Rose Diner and Fill Station is more than just a collection of great dark stories woven together with a clever framing device. It’s an introduction to some fiercely talented new voices in macabre fiction. It will take you on a tour of human emotions wrapped in edgy tales that ignore traditional genre conventions and bounderies. What are you waiting for? You should have started reading it already!”
Ray Garton, author of Trailer Park Noir and Meds

The Yellow Rose Diner and Fill Station is a great place for people-watching, especially if you’re fascinated by strangers with dark, sensational secrets. This roadside eatery offers pitch black stories of horror and crime, many with a supernatural twist. The writing is top-notch in every instance: the emotional depth and visceral chills of these six original tales will doubtless earn their authors many new fans.”
Norman Prentiss, author of Invisible Fences

Tales from The Yellow Rose Diner and Fill Station demonstrates that, in the hands of a group of talented and ambitious writers, the mosaic novel can deliver a series of short, sharp shocks to the reader. The characters in these stories struggle with the consequences of their choices, trying to find some way out of the corners into which they’ve boxed themselves. When the supernatural occurs, it does so as an expression of the characters’ deepest selves, a further complication of their situations. Grim and gritty, the stories collected and connected here mark their writers as ones to watch, closely, at that. Be careful, though: their teeth are sharp, and they bite.”
John Langan, author of House of Windows

“The stories in Tales From The Yellow Rose Diner And Fill Station are all about the impact of really bad decisions. Stupid decisions, panicked decisions, and decisions that seem like perfectly good ones, even noble ones, until you realize that you’re missing a crucial bit of information. All six of the authors pull their own weight and deliver killer stories…which is good, because otherwise I’m sure it would be awkward for the one who screwed up. I can only imagine the humiliation if somebody were kicked out of Snutch Labs.”
Jeff Strand, author of Fangboy and Wolf Hunt

“Violent criminals, desperate men, vengeful women, shocking secrets, and really bad coffee – what more could anyone possibly want? Tales from The Yellow Rose Diner and Fill Station blew me away and the writers responsible for this excellent collection of interlocking stories need to be commended. Without a doubt one of the best multi-authored collaborations I’ve ever read. Highly recommended!”
–Gord Rollo, author of The Jigsaw Man and Valley Of the Scarecrow

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