Friday, June 8, 2012

Don't Hate - Celebrate!

The first time I heard those three words, they made me laugh out loud. It wasn't in regards to anything special - if I recall correctly, a co-worker of mine, with a particularly spicy attitude, heard my gasp of envy at the sparkly new piece of jewelry her husband had just bought her.

"Don't hate, girl - celebrate!"

From that day forward I vowed to try to use those words whenever possible.  Eleven years later, they are still at the top of my repertoire.

I mention all this, because today, a writer friend of mine got some truly great news -  news he's been waiting on for the last year and a half.  Not allowed to let the cat out of the bag, so I can't really reveal the name of said author, but in his revelation, I had a revelation of my own.  Hence the need for this post, albeit somewhat anonymously.

Of course, I tell my husband just about everything, so when I give him the news he asks me pretty bluntly:

"So how do you feel about that?  Does it anger you?  Or are you truly happy for him?"

This, of course, stops me in my tracks.  For one reason , I'm astounded that my husband recognizes that even amongst the closest of friendships, there exists a certain element of jealousy.  More so with writers, I believe.

The other reason I'm stopped in my tracks is the fact that, for probably the first time in my writing career, this element of jealousy isn't present.  I mean, not at all.  As I take a moment to dissect and inspect my reaction to this writer's great news of success, I realize I only feel happiness for him.  Not an ounce of envy, not even anger at myself for failing to move as fast as he has.

My answer to my husband?  "I feel great about that."

For the first time the fear of falling behind and getting left in the dust is nonexistent.  I wonder if you know how freeing that feels?

Don't hate - celebrate.

Congrats dude. :)  You rock.

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