Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well, I did it.

My website is up and running. If you're reading this, than you already know.

I have to take a moment to thank my writing group, SnutchLabs, for all their patience, their support and their abusive love. I couldn't have done this without them, especially Kim Despins who was the star player in getting this website together for me.

But more importantly, I know I wouldn't be where I am without their help and encouragement. Although I know there's much more I need to accomplish, they are instrumental in the future successes that I will have. Kurt, Kim, Sam, Erik and John - Thanks for being there.

Okay, gooshy crap over.

I am currently working on my second novel and this one I hope to finish! That being said, I will update this blog as often as possible, especially with any sales of my stories. But more importantly, I plan on using this space to vent the vast assortment of emotions we writers inevitably encounter. Should make for an entertaining read.

Speaking of, stay tuned for the release date of my story, 'Drain' which was accepted by Doorway's Magazine. The release date is To Be Determined at this point, but as soon as I know, you will know as well.

That's all for now -