Monday, September 26, 2011

Available for Pre-order Now - TALES FROM THE YELLOW ROSE!


This group project from Snutch Labs has been a long time coming and it's finally arrived - Tales From the Yellow Rose Diner And Fill Station is available for pre-order from SIDESHOW PRESS.

Inside this 240 page, fully illustrated mosaic novel (or Story Orgy, if you prefer), you will find seven individual stories of woe and regret, completely separate, yet subtly interwoven with fine lines of tragic connectivity.


At a lonely roadside diner, six patrons answer this very real question.  Haunted by choices they've made in the past - choices bearing tragic and devastating consequences, these lost souls are forced to relive events that forever changed the course of their lives.  In the booths of The Yellow Rose, you will meet:

...A photographer, whose quest to get the perfect photo leads him to witness life-altering depravity…

…A drunk driver, whose trail of lies lead to a dark secret…

…A girl who discovers that some gypsy fortune tellers are not frauds, and that dark magic is very real…

…A psychiatrist, whose plan to play mind games with a bigoted patient has dangerous consequences…

…A convict, whose ability to recognize impending death in the faces of those he meets leads to a devastating discovery…

…A teenager, whose self-destructive efforts to rebel against her squeaky-clean image spawn frightful results…

Make sure you bring a hefty appetite to The Yellow Rose Diner and Fill Station, where the menu offers generous helpings of human slavery, murder, bigotry, promiscuity, and death.

Erik Williams - Dying of The Light
John Mantooth - This is Where The Road Ends
Kim Despins - Doshalo
Sam W. Anderson - Hate Crimes and Therapy Over Creamed Chipped Beef
Petra Miller - Knowing The Deal
Kurt Dinan - The Darkness Game

***KILLERCON SPECIAL: Because we want to keep the party going. If you made it to KillerCon and didn't get your pre-order in, you can order before October 1st, and save $6 off of the retail price of $30. If you know someone who was at KillerCon but couldn't make it, you can take advantage of this offer. If you wish you'd made it to KillerCon, you can take advantage of this offer. So take advantage of it already.***

The book will be available December 1, 2011.  No money is needed to reserve your book.  Once it's available, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the purchase.  By pre-ordering now, you'll be able to reserve the special discount price.  Each limited edition hardcover will come fully illustrated and signed by each of the authors.  So go to it.  And while you're at it, check out what other authors are saying about The Yellow Rose Diner.


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