Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just One More Line Edit.....

I've tried to put this story to bed fifteen times in the last three days.  And it won't go the F%#$@ to sleep!!

I know - that's bad.  But to be honest, no one reads this darn blog anyway, so I'm figuring I'm pretty safe, especially from the Mom's club members who might decide to kick me out due to my crude postings.

I'm kidding...haven't been a member of Mom's Club for almost 2 years now. :)

But I digress--

This story has gone from 6000 words to 5500, back to 6 and then finally finishing up around 6700.  I've changed motive, changed characters, changed dialogue, changed story line --- all for the better, I'm hoping.  But one can never know.  When you have to try to put a story to bed for three straight days, you're tired.  You're bug-eyed.  You're brain can't differentiate between a cliched adverbs and brilliant delivery. 

That's where your readers come in, your writing partners.  Someone to tell you just where you lost the thread.  These people take the place of setting your 'finished' story in a drawer and waiting six weeks until you can look at it with fresh eyes.  Either way works - one is just faster than the other.

So -- to put this damn thing to sleep.  All I need is one more line edit.  One.  And then I'm done.  Or maybe I should just keep those 4 words to myself.  Just in case I believe in jinxes.  One more line edit.  Then please --- please-  Go the F&%$@ to SLEEP!!!!!!!!!

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